Yorkshire girl Amy says ‘yes to the prom dress’ for magical wish

16-year-old Amy had her greatest wish granted to find her dream prom dress from her favourite store Rosie’s Closet in Newry, Northern Ireland

Amy, from Guisborough, North Yorkshire, was diagnosed in 2018 with Ewings Sarcoma. She had a tumour on her rib and cancerous fluid around her lung on the right side. Sadly, Amy has consequently had to endure surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and proton beam therapy. Thankfully, Amy is now in remission, but will continue to have regular scans for the next few years.

To make her wish become a reality, we flew Amy and her parents to the special dress shop Rosie’s Closet in Newry, Northern Ireland in March 2020. On the day of choosing her dream dress, Rosie, the owner of Rosie’s Closet, collected Amy from her hotel. Once at the store, Amy was treated to the full VIP treatment, including being welcomed with a customised balloon and cake, before being able to choose the prom dress she had dreamed of.

After her wish, Amy’s mum, Sarah, said:

Our weekend was absolutely amazing. She found an absolutely stunning dress, which was nothing like what she had in mind, but just fit her and looked perfect. Rosie and the girls treated Amy like royalty.  Nothing could have made our trip any better it was 110% amazing. Thank you Rays of Sunshine and Rosie’s Closet, you definitely granted Amy’s wish!

Rosie Farrell, owner of Rosie’s Closet, added:

We were absolutely delighted, privileged and honoured to welcome Amy to Rosie’s Closet. We would like to thank Amy for allowing us to be part of her dream day. It is without doubt the proudest day ever for Rosie’s Closet, to be chosen by Amy. The day was all about Amy, and the wonderful charity Rays of Sunshine. Thank you to anyone who has donated or in any way is bringing sunshine to people’s lives. We are sincerely delighted that she got to have the famous snap ‘I said yes to the dress at Rosie’s Closet’ whilst with us on her wish.

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