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<Wishes are as unique as the children themselves and whether a child wants to be a fireman, meet a real-life mermaid or even the Loch Ness Monster, we work hard to make that wish come true.>

Wish Criteria

For a child to be eligible to have a wish granted by Rays of Sunshine, the child must:

1. Be currently living with a serious or life-limiting illness
2. Aged between three and 18 years of age upon application*
3. Be a UK resident
4. Not have had a wish granted by another wish granting charity or Rays of Sunshine in the past three years

*applications will be accepted until the day before the child's 19th Birthday

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Apply for a Magical Wish

Click here to apply for a magical wish via our online wish application. This form can be completed by parents/guardians, the child themselves or a medical referrer.

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You can also apply via the post, just download our wish application form here.

Please note: So that your child’s wish can be considered, this application needs to be completed accurately and in full. Incomplete, misleading or false information could result in delays or rejection of the wish.

Apply for a Hospital Ward Wish

Ward wishes benefit thousands of children during their time in hospital. Ward wishes we have fulfilled have included: decorating treatment rooms, purchasing equipment, funding sensory rooms and funding an indoor sensory garden.

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Apply for a set of Sensory Bags for your Ward

Rays of Sunshine Sensory Bags are a set of sensory resources categorised into four groups to help facilitate play interventions to children and young people specifically requiring sensory play. The bags include resources to help stimulate and support:
• Vision
• Hearing
• Touch
• Fidget/Mindfulness

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Apply for a Sunshine in Hospitals Grant

The Sunshine in Hospitals Grant aims to provide a one-off sum of up to £20,000 to a UK hospital, hospice or other healthcare setting to fund a project that will support seriously ill young people aged three to 19.

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