Rays of Sunshine and YouTube stars Sidemen grant VIP Hamleys toy store wish for seven families

A group of people featuring the Sidemen, seven teens and their parents. They are stood in front of a red sign meant to look like a London bus.

Rays of Sunshine teamed up with YouTube stars, Sidemen, to deliver an unforgettable VIP shopping experience for seven families at the iconic Hamleys toystore in London.

The seven members of the Sidemen joined the charity at the world-famous Hamleys toyshop in London for a super shopping spree.

Each of the teens that Rays of Sunshine invited to the day were introduced to Rays of Sunshine after receiving a serious illness diagnosis. When asked what their wishes were, each said their ultimate dream was to meet their favourite YouTubers. The families had exclusive access to all seven floors of Hamleys before the store opened to the public.

The day began with a VIP welcome from staff and a meet and greet with the Sidemen. With everyone gathered, the YouTube stars unveiled their first surprise of the day – gifting every wish child £1,000 to spend instore.

Kieran, 15, from Birmingham, is a huge Sidemen fan and following his Leukaemia diagnosis in 2022, his wish was to meet his favourite YouTubers. He said: “I felt amazing when I heard my mom on the phone to our wish granter Rhea, saying I was going to London to meet The Sidemen. I jumped off my chair and started messaging all my mates, I was so excited.

“On the morning of meeting the Sidemen I was very nervous and excited. I kept trying to remember everything that I wanted to say to them, but as soon as I met them it was like I had known them for ages – they felt like my mates.”

Sidemen were on hand throughout the morning to help the teens browse Hamleys extensive offering, including a whole floor dedicated to gaming.

After filling up their baskets, the Sidemen offered one more treat to the families – an exclusive tasting session with their Sides food range. After hours of shopping, the burgers and waffle fries went down a treat with teens, parents and Sidemen alike!

As a final parting gift, the Sidemen gave each of the seven wish children one of every flavour of the highly-sought after Prime energy drink.

Kieran added: “My favourite part of the day was the one-on-one time I got with them – being able to shop with them was a once in a lifetime moment. When I got home I was still on such a high from the whole day it was incredible. When I was unpacking all my gifts I couldn’t believe they were all from the Sidemen. Dream come true. Hopefully I will bump into Toby at one of the Manchester United games soon.”

Sidemen have been dedicated supporters of Rays of Sunshine for a number of years, helping to grant magical wishes to lots of children and teens.

Last year, the charity was one of the beneficiaries of their Sidemen Charity Football Match, which raised more than £1 million. Rays of Sunshine has also been announced as a beneficiary for this year’s match, happening on 9 September 2023.

Cheryl Tissot, Chief Executive at Rays of Sunshine, said: “We cannot thank Sidemen and their team enough for being such amazing supporters and giving the children and families a magical day they will never forget.

“We are also so grateful to the team at Hamley’s for hosting this VIP day making every one of our families feel so special.”

Sidemen Charity Match 2023

Last year, Rays of Sunshine was one of the beneficiaries of their Sidemen Charity Football Match, which raised more than £1 million, and a group of wish children had a VIP experience at the game. We’re delighted to announce that we are once again a chosen charity for this year’s match, happening on 9 September 2023, alongside CALM and Teenage Cancer Trust.

For more information about the match, go to: https://www.sidemenfc.com/

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