Lewis Hamilton is a ray of sunshine for six seriously ill children

Just before the Grand Prix 2019 a group of six children, had their greatest wishes granted, to meet their shared idol, Formula 1 Star Lewis Hamilton, thanks to Rays of Sunshine.

The 2019 Grand Prix winner took time out of his busy schedule in the week leading up to the event to meet: Jamie 15, Benjamin 7, Lewis 9, Joseph 13, Chloe 15, and Kacie 11, at a special event at the Mercedes Factory in Brackley.

At the exclusive wish event with Lewis Hamilton, the group got the opportunity to go on a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Mercedes Factory – a real money-can’t buy experience as this isn’t something available to the public.

After this, Lewis spent time with each child and their family chatting, signing merchandise and taking lots of photos. They were each given a gift bag to take home which included a book and a Mercedes cap to remember the day. To make their wishes even more spectacular, the families got to go to Silverstone to the 2019 Grand Prix and watch Lewis secure the win!

Chloe, 15, is living with Williams-Beuren Syndrome and an Acute Kidney Injury. Despite this, she is a very happy and smiley teenager. Following the wish event, her Mum said:

When Chloe was granted her wish to meet Lewis Hamilton, we chose not to tell her and make it a surprise. When she finally saw Lewis, she couldn’t hold back, she ran and gave Lewis a big hug. Lewis took his time, sat with us and we asked him so many questions. The look on Chloe’s face and her smile just summed up everything. To top it off we had the opportunity to watch Lewis race at Silverstone. We are forever grateful to Rays of Sunshine for making Chloe’s wish come true.

13-year-old Joseph is living with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, a genetic condition that causes progressive muscle degeneration. Despite this, Joseph is a very determined young man who doesn’t let his condition stop him. Following the wish event, Joseph’s Mum said:

It was a fantastic day. Joseph said that meeting Lewis Hamilton was ‘the best day ever’, he loved the Mercedes tour, it was simply amazing to find out what goes into making a formula 1 car. Joseph loved his weekend at Silverstone too, the best part was Lewis Hamilton winning and then getting to go onto the track straight after the race and walk around the track. We would like to thank everyone who made it possible, as the memories of the wish are priceless and Joseph loved every minute of it. Thank you Rays of Sunshine!

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