North Downs 50 Challenge

A route with some wonderful scenery and views - challengers will set out from Guildford Basecamp, and walk, jog or run a 50km route which take in some of the best of the Surrey Hill, the North Downs Way, and the surrounding countryside.

July 20, 2024

Location: Guilford
Registration Fee: Varies

There are two 25km options plus a family-friendly 10k event, the North Downs 50 is not one to miss.  

Route Options 

  • 50km Loop Challenge  
  • 25km Loop Challenge 
  • 25km 1st ½ of 50km route 

How to sign up and fundraising options

Charity Sponsorship – you pay a small registration fee, do lots of fundraising and we cover the cost of your event place!   

  • 50km: £30 registration fee / £360 charity sponsorship   
  • 25km: £20 registration fee / £240 charity sponsorship   
  • 10km: £10 registration fee / £100 charity sponsorship  


Self-funding – you pay the full cost of the event place – fundraise whatever you want, with no set target or deadline, and there’s no cost at all to the charity!   

  • 50km: £139 registration fee / no fundraising commitment.   
  • 25km: £89 registration fee / no fundraising commitment.   
  • 10km: £39 registration fee / no fundraising commitment.  


Mixed–funding – pay half of the event place cost yourself, fundraise a bit less, and we pay the balance of the event place cost.    

  • 50km: £75 registration fee / £225 charity sponsorship   
  • 25km: £50 registration fee / £150 charity sponsorship   
  • 10km: £22.50 registration fee / £70 charity sponsorship   
Sign up here

If you’ve got your own place, please email and our dedicated fundraising team will be in touch.  



If you have any questions please contact our events team at or call us on 0208 782 1171
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