15 years and Over 900 Wishes – Celebrating Wish Granter Sarah’s Big Work Anniversary

Rays of Sunshine are celebrating the 15-year work anniversary of Sarah Osborne, Wish Team Manager.

In her time with the charity, Sarah has helped to grant over 900 wishes for seriously ill children across the UK, which we think is definitely worth celebrating!

Two white females smiling at the camera, both wearing yellow Rays of Sunshine t-shirts and holding fundraising buckets

Sarah Osborne on the left

Cheryl Tissot, Interim CEO at Rays of Sunshine, said:

“We can’t thank Sarah enough for her incredible service and the huge impact she has had on seriously ill children across the UK. She truly embodies what Rays of Sunshine is all about – going the extra mile to provide magical wishes and unforgettable experiences for the whole family. I hope to continue working with Sarah for many years to come!”

Sarah said:

“When I joined Rays of Sunshine back in 2007, I knew I’d found a place where I could grow and make a difference. I feel very honoured/proud to be celebrating 15 years of service.

“Rays of Sunshine has grown considerably over the years, not only in the number of employees but the services we offer to our families. The constant is that everyone has the same passion/goal of creating memorable experiences for families that need our support.

“One of the main reasons for staying is the team/people. I’ve made some great friends and mentors during my time. I love talking to the families we support and meeting them at our events. Knowing that you have played a small part in their lives/are part of their story is an amazing feeling.

“Thinking back there are so many wonderful experiences, not only wishes but the events we

Group of three people smiling at the camera with a football stadium in the background

Sarah on the left

host. Such as the annual Christmas party or concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. It’s an incredible feeling seeing hundreds of families enjoying themselves, having fun and for a short period forgetting about their child’s illness. 

“I’ve granted over 900 wishes but there are a few standouts that always make me smile. My first wish was for a young girl who wanted to have her own horse. Of course, we couldn’t quite make this happen, but instead, I managed to get hold of her local stables and we arranged to sponsor a horse for her. She got to visit every week, take care of the grooming and ride it whenever she wanted.

“The power of a wish should never be underestimated. When a child/family has an experience, such as being diagnosed with a terminal illness, it turns their world upside down. That’s where Rays of Sunshine comes in and shines it light. My hope is that Rays of Sunshine continues to shine and spreads joy to many more families.”

Thank you Sarah for your incredible service! Here’s to many more years of granting magical wishes to come #ThankYouSarah

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