<Sensory Bags>

Rays of Sunshine Sensory Bags are a set of sensory resources categorised into three parts to help facilitate play interventions for children and young people specifically requiring sensory play.  The bags include resources to help stimulate and support:

  • Vision (See Sensory Bag)
  • Hearing (Hear Sensory Bag)
  • Touch (Touch Sensory Bag)

The sensory bags are designed with the purpose of being multi-use and all items are wiped clean to adhere to infection control procedures.


Who is eligible?

You can apply for a set of sensory bags, if:

  • You are a hospital, hospice, medical centre or professional caring for children who fall within Rays of Sunshine wish granting criteria
  • You are based in the UK
  • The sensory bags will benefit a minimum of 100 children/patients
  • Benefit a minimum of 100 children/patients aged 3-17 who are experiencing long and/or regular stays in hospital, with over half falling in our medical criteria.


We will only accept one application per professional/team/unit per year as the sensory bags are designed with the purpose of being multi-use and not intended for single-patient use.

We may consider multiple applications from large organisations with multiple units/wards, however, these will be limited to 5 sets per organisation.

Apply for a bag

See Sensory Bag:

Flashing Spikey Light Up Ball

Infinity Mirror

Liquid Timer

Glitter Tubes

Shake and Shine Glitter Lamp

Shake and Shine Star Lights

Ocean wave projector with sounds and speaker

Hear Sensory Bag:

Instrument set

  • Egg shakers
  • Maracas
  • Clatterpillar
  • Triangle
  • Guiro
  • Bells

Large Light up Tambourine


UV Groan Tubes

Touch Sensory Bag:

Fidget spinner


Stress wobbler

Flashing bouncy ball

Ladybird Red Bug Massager

Sensory Soft Bead Filled Squidgy Shapes (Set of 4)

Prism Ball

Applications will be sent to our committee for approval and you will be notified of the outcome. The bags will start to be shipped in November 2023.

Apply for a bag