What is National Teddy Bear Day?

Celebrate your fluffy friends this National Teddy Bear Day on 9 September 2023 with Rays of Sunshine.

This year we are sending out thousands of teddy bears to spread a little sunshine in children’s hospitals across the UK.

You can get involved wherever you are - whether you’re in hospital or at home, we’ve got everything you need for a fun-filled day! Download your resources below!

If it's a bear-themed activity or planning a teddy bear sports day for your family and friends, celebrate National Teddy Bear Day with Rays of Sunshine this September.

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways to get involved in National Teddy Bear Day this year! We’ve got all the “bear necessities” you need with activity ideas and resources so that you can celebrate in your own way.


Read a “Bear-y” Tale!

Kick off the festivities by hosting an interactive bear hunt – role-play the journey of characters in bear-themed books using sensory play. Our sensory scavenger hunt checklist has some great suggestions for things to find for this activity!


Make your bear

You can use arts and crafts to create your very own teddy – our origami templates will help children design their new friends. They can share their homemade bears in school or on a hospital ward!


“Where’s the bear?”  game

This game involves hiding teddies, either real or paper drawings, for children to find. Adults can offer seekers a treasure map with hints or clues to guide their search. A real-life bear hunt!


Teddy-fy a room!

Create a teddy bear paradise by decorating spaces with our colourful bunting and teddy mask guides. Or if you’re feeling creative, you can set up a teddy bear crafting session where children can create their own pictures and banners to teddy-fy a room!


Host a teddy bear sports day!

This event has it all – active fun with your fluffy companions! To host this activity you could use a teddy as a relay baton while moving to a target and back or design an obstacle course for children to guide their teddies through. 


Throw a teddy bear parade! 

To end your day of fun give a teddy bear a moment to shine by throwing them a parade. Dress the teddies up, make floats out of toy cars and have a ball with the children and their cuddly toys!


Download your resources!

Any questions?

Contact our hospital team at 020 8782 1171 or email hospitalservices@raysofsunshine.org.uk