What is Liquid to Tablets?

We're teaming up with play specialists from Leeds Children's Hospital to help children and young people switch from liquid medication to tablet medication with our special kits.

This transition not only enhances the well-being of the children but also contributes to cost savings for the NHS.

We're looking for 10 hospitals to test these kits out in our pilot stage!

Plus we've got lots of fun resources to help make the transition easier.

What’s in the kit?

Each kit includes everything you will need to support children to learn to swallow tablets, including cups, bottles, straws, pill boxes, tablet cutters, reward charts, top tips, and even sweets for practice sessions.

Why is it important?

For children who need medication, the shift from liquid to tablet medication offers a lots of benefits, including:

  • Easy-peasy travel: Tablets fit in pockets, so no more carrying heavy bottles on holidays or sleepovers.
  • Say goodbye to yucky tastes: Tablets usually don’t leave a nasty aftertaste like liquid medicine.
  • Skill boost!: Mastering the skill of taking tablets gives children and young people a confidence boost, making them feel proud and independent.
  • Saving pennies and the planet: Tablets last longer than syrup, so less waste and less cost for the NHS. Plus, choosing tablets over liquids cuts down on waste.
  • Putting children and young people first: The tablet switch puts their comfort and control at the top of the list, just like it should be!


How to get involved:

We’re looking for 10 hospitals to test it out in our pilot stage. If your hospital ticks these following boxes, apply today to test our brand-new kits:

  1. You mainly see children and young people aged three to 17 who could benefit from the switch, and you think at least 20-25 of them will use the kits in the next 3-6 months.
  2. You’re already helping children and young people switch from syrup to tablets, or you’re keen to start. You’ve got the right people and equipment to make the kits work well.
  3. Your healthcare team is on board and excited to give it a go.
  4. You have plans to use the kits within the next 3-6 months.
  5. You’re open to tracking how the kits help the children and young people and their families, and you’ll share feedback with us to make them even better.

If you feel your hospital fits the above criteria, please complete this application form by 1st March 2024. The Hospital Services team will review your application and let you know the outcome by 13th March 2024.


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