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Remember Rays of Sunshine in your will


In your Will, you may wish to leave a gift to causes you care about.  We understand that your family and loved ones must always come first.

But after you have provided for them, by remembering Rays of Sunshine in your will, you will be leaving an invaluable legacy that will brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families.

We’ve seen a 100% increase in demand for our services since 2011 and we receive no government funding, so your gift will enable us to continue our work bringing joy and precious memories by granting wishes and providing ongoing support in hospital and within the community.

How it works

Types of gift you can leave in your Will include:

  • A share of your estate – known as a ‘residuary legacy’. The value of this gift won’t be affected by inflation, so it will save you having to update your Will in the future
  • A specific sum of money – known as a ‘pecuniary legacy’. Due to inflation, the real value of pecuniary gifts may change, so you may need to update your Will over time
  • An item of value, such as jewellery or property – known as a ‘specific legacy’

We recommend that you should talk to a solicitor when you make a Will, to make sure your wishes are carried out exactly as you’d like. They will be able to give you more information about the different types of gift and advise on what is best for your particular circumstances.

What to do next

Updating or creating your Will to leave any kind of gift to Rays of Sunshine, big or small, will give children the chance to put their illness on hold and experience a magical moment of joy and happy memories for the whole family.

If you decide to remember us in your Will, thank you so much.  Here are the details you will need:

If you already have a will

If you do already have a will and want to leave a gift to us, contact your solicitor and let them know your intentions.  You can work with them either to (a) make a new will or (b) a shorter and less expensive “codicil”.

Please ensure that your solicitor uses the full details below:
Our charity name: Rays of Sunshine

Our registered charity number: 1102529

Our registered address: Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity, 4th Floor, Berkeley House, 304 Regents Park Road, London N3 2JY

If you would like to notify us of your intention to leave us a gift, please contact call  020 8782 1171.

If you don’t currently have a will…

If you haven’t already made a will you can make one and leave a gift of a specific amount of money or a proportion of your estate to us and other charities. Once your family and friends are catered for, anything you can provide us will make a huge difference to our work.

Did you know that people who leave more than 10% of their estate to charity receive inheritance tax benefits?  If your estate is liable for inheritance tax (see here), we suggest you speak to your solicitor to discuss making a will and leaving a gift to us.

If you have complicated needs in your will – for example: dependent relatives/ friends, property overseas, trust income or ongoing legal issues – we suggest you speak to a solicitor.

If you don’t have a solicitor, you can go to to search for a local solicitor.

Make a will now

We have partnered with a selection of providers who you can make a will with today:

Make a Will Online:

With, we offer a free online wills service:

All wills are checked by a fully qualified solicitor. Details of your gift will be shared with us (your name, your contact details, the amount of any gift and the date you made the will) and we may contact you to thank you and to keep you updated with information about us.  You can make a will and leave a legacy to us without sharing this information by paying for the will directly yourself here:

The Goodwill Partnership: 

The Goodwill Partnership is the largest distributor of home-visit solicitor-provided Wills in England and Wales. They guarantee the lowest price for a home-visit Will which is checked and provided direct to you by a panel firm of solicitors who can also provide legal advice and storage of your signed Will. Click here or call 0844 669 6148 to arrange an appointment.