Who is eligible for a wish?

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Rays of Sunshine charity day out at Legoland Windsor.

To go - UK

Examples include trips to Butlins, to Center Parcs, Alton Tower and LEGOLAND Windsor – we will consider any suitable UK destination.


The following criteria is applicable to UK based wishes:

  • We cannot part-fund any wishes
  • The wish trip cannot be extended, even if being paid for by the family
  • We will not travel any family member who requires continuous oxygen by aeroplane
  • We will only fund immediate family members living in the household to go on an international travel wish.

To meet

Examples include meeting your child’s favourite celebrity, footballer, popstar, children’s character, or YouTube star.

Due to popularity and availability of celebrities some meets and greets will be arranged as a group experience, rather than individual meet and greet.


To be

Whether your child wants to be a TFL tube driver, a Firefighter for a day, a Princess, a Superhero, a VIP for a day or even a Loch Ness Monster hunter. Rays of Sunshine will work hard to make your child’s imaginative wish become a reality


To Have

Examples include: to have an iPad, have a gaming laptop, have an iPhone or even a shopping spree.

Please note: We do not grant wishes to ‘own’ any living animals (e.g. to have a pet dog), to have any equipment deemed to be medical (e.g. hydrotherapy pools), or to have garden or room makeovers that require structural changes to be made – we will grant wishes for furniture and/or decoration (e.g. a wall mural)


At home experiences

Let us bring magical experiences to you at home! Examples include: Birthday parties, festivals, early Christmas, or Christmas experiences


All wish applications are assessed on their individual circumstances and the medical information provided on the form. We work closely with our team of professional medical advisors to ensure the wish is suitable for the child. We cannot guarantee what type of wish can be granted upon application and therefore encourage parents to put down three different types of special wishes.