Avleen's super Smyths Toys wish

We granted six-year-old Avleen's wish to have a toy shopping spree, with the help of our corporate partner Smyths Toys.

Meet Avleen

Six-year-old Avleen loves to play and dance just like other children. But Avleen’s leukaemia diagnosis left her too sick to do these normal childhood activities, and instead forced her life to revolve around doctor’s appointments, hospitals and medicines. 

It was a huge shock to her parents, Weronika and Davinder. “We knew her as a very happy and bright little girl, and then suddenly everything changed. Our lives completely changed overnight,” says Weronika. 

Why Avleen chose the wish

The family were introduced to Rays of Sunshine by one of Avleen’s support workers at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Weronika says it didn’t take her daughter very long to decide what she wanted to wish for.

“She had spent a lot of time not being able to play while she was getting treatment for her leukaemia – and before that, she had always loved going around our local Smyths Toys shop to look at all the toys,” says her mum.

“So it made sense she wanted to focus her wish on those happy memories.” 


Little girl in a toy shop. There are balloons behind her which spell out AVLEEN. She is wearing a pink cardigan and is holding her arms up

<Thank you, Rays of Sunshine and Smyths Toys, for giving my little girl the chance to play again    >

On the day

“I know she was a little bit nervous on the way there. But as soon as her Wish Granter and the Smyths Toys team welcomed her into the shop that all melted away.”

“Her wish granter had organised for balloons which spelled out her name to be in the entrance, and Sunny the mascot was there too. She was so happy.” 

Rays of Sunshine explained to Avleen that she could have whatever toys she wanted, so she filled her trolley with soft toys, games, teddies, dolls and more. She even went home with a giant dolls house.  

“I thought Avleen would be tired after such a busy day, but she was full of energy! She couldn’t stop playing with all of her toys for hours afterwards,” recalls Weronika.  

Picture of little girl with her back facing the camera. She is gazing up at all the different toys on the shelf of a toy shop.

The impact of the wish

Avleen hasn’t been able to stop playing with all her toys since her wish. After seeing her so poorly last year, her mum and dad are over the moon.  

“I think all of us are still very traumatised by what Avleen had to go through so young. My biggest hope is that she can forget a lot of what she had to go through,” she says, explaining that Avleen is now finished with her treatment.

“I think that her being able to play as much as she can will help. Thank you, Rays of Sunshine and Smyths Toys, for giving my little girl the chance to play again.”