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One thing is for sure when working as a Wish Granter at Rays of Sunshine, it keeps you up to date with what is popular with the kids these days!

For a lot of people over a certain age it may seem quite hard to believe that in this modern connected world it is now YouTubers who are more popular than traditional TV personalities with our wish children.

But that’s the power of the internet for you. Ordinary people can share their daily lives or niche talents or interest with the whole wide world from the comfort of their house or bedroom.

So, in this week’s Days @ Rays blog we take a look back at some of our wish children that got the chance to hang out with their favourite YouTubers.

10-year-old Will, from Edlesborough, Buckinghamshire, had his greatest wish granted to meet Oli White when he got to go bowling with the YouTube star, earlier this year. It’s safe to say Will was ‘bowl-ed over’ with his wish and we were delighted that Oli White has also become an ambassador for Rays of Sunshine. *High five*



Amelia, 16, and Toby, 12, wished to meet YouTube star Joe Sugg and their greatest wish came true when they got to bowl with him at All Star Lanes in London.

Amelia’s Mum said, “I can’t tell you how happy Amelia was to meet Joe he was such a lovely person too. She was over the moon afterwards as he liked one of her Instagram posts!

“We can’t thank you all enough as we felt really spoilt with the treatment we were given whilst in London. Thanks so much.”

Toby is so inspired by Joe that he started his very own vlog. Check it out – He even Vlogged his own wish, how cool!

After the meet and greet, Toby’s Mum said, “Thank you so much for Toby’s wish We all had an amazing time.  Toby said it was the best day ever!

“The bowling with Thatcher Joe was perfect, what a lovely guy. He was so friendly and approachable and was happy to sign things and do photos, videos etc He evn ended Toby’s vlog, which Toby thought was so cool and he’s hoping to get lots more subscribers from it!”

Probably two of the most famous YouTubers from the UK are Zoella (Joe’s sister) and her boyfriend Alfie. The professional vloggers met up with some of our lovely Wish Children earlier this year where they spent time decorating cupcakes and sipping afternoon tea.

Stampy Longhead was a popular wish request with our wish children and with the help of FNATIC BUNKR in East London, our wish children got the chance to meet Minecraft and YouTube star, Stampy Longhead.

We invited some super excited Stampy fans down for a fun-filled afternoon,at FNATIC and we can’t thank them and Stampy enough for making the event so much fun for our wish children and we look forward to our next one!

Thanks to YouTube and the football video game FIFA, the Sidemen have been able to become some of the most famous and popular online stars.

They consist of Ethan, Harry, JJ, Josh Simon, Tobi and Vikk. Between them they have an online following of 9.5million on Twitter and almost 2million YouTube subscribers on their joint channel and millions more individually!

It was 13-year-old Harvey’s wish to meet them and we were only too happy to arrange it.

Harvery’s family reported back after his wish day, “Harvey had a fantastic day. It was everything he dreamed of. The Sidemen were brilliant and he now has so many happy memories.

“We had amazing family time around Brighton the following day.

“We would all like to thank you for making his wish come true. This is a wish we will all truly never forget.”

The power of the internet really is amazing, as is the power of our wishes!

So, from all of us at Rays of Sunshine, a huge thank you to all of the Youtubers who have helped to make sure that these very deserving children get to meet their heroes and have their greatest wish come true!


Carly Borg, Wish Granter