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Rays of Sunshine grants ten-year-old’s wish to go to Disney World Florida


A seriously ill ten-year-old girl from Bishop’s Stortford has had her greatest wish granted to go to Disney World Florida and to swim with dolphins, thanks to Rays of Sunshine

Edie is currently living with Recurrent Ependymoma Brain and Spinal Tumours, after being diagnosed in November 2011, at the age of just six. Due to this, the young girl has had to have surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy to try and treat her condition.  Despite what she has been through, Edie is a bright, bubbly and chatty young girl who loves her dog Lily and going to school when she can.

To help make Edie’s greatest wish come true, Rays of Sunshine organised for her and her family to travel to Orlando, Florida, where she got the chance to spend a magical week exploring some of the theme parks the Sunshine State has to offer. While she was there, as well as being able to go on Walt Disney World’s exciting rides, Edie also got to swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove, something she has always wanted to do. The trip gave the young girl an opportunity to forget about her illness for a short while, as well as create some unforgettable memories.

After her wish, Edie’s mother Cate, commented:

It was an unforgettable day at Discovery Cove. The sun shone, the dolphins behaved and we felt very blessed to be with our girl in such beautiful and tranquil surroundings. Edie and the dolphin Kayleigh bonded instantly and lots of cuddles were had away from the camera. We had such an amazing week in Florida and we can’t thank Rays of Sunshine enough.”