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In this week’s blog, Megan talks Warframe gaming, the power of social media and a truly amazing wish!

As Wish Granters we often come across wishes that we have little or next to no knowledge about!  I am no gaming expert, but was up for a challenge after seeing Ed’s wish pack come in and his unique request to have accessories for his PS4 game ‘Warframe’.

After exhausting Google, I discovered that these were in-game accessories that money could not buy, so it was time to reach out to the game’s creators…the power of Twitter should never be underestimated! One tweet and 10 days later, Rebecca and Steve from Digital Extremes were sitting in front of Ed and his family in the Malmaison Manchester.

From the moment Rebecca and Steve saw our tweet, they were determined to go the extra mile for Ed (around 3500 miles in fact!), flying over from Toronto and bringing with them the exciting world of Eidolon, previously unplayed by any Tenno* .

Over the next three hours, Ed was given the privilege of playing on the developer build and did some real-time code testing. Steve even sent the error code information back to the Digital Extremes team in Canada, whilst Ed carried on in the game! Of course, Ed received the accessories he had initially wished for, but above all, a priceless experience that was solely based on goodwill.

Ed’s Dad, Mark, had this to say after the wish:

“Rebecca and Steve, you were great fun and so enthusiastic about the game. Your warmth shone through and made the day so memorable for Ed and for us as a family. We are bowled over by the way you have responded to Ed’s wish, which was only for some extra in-game items. You truly went above and beyond in flying over to Manchester to spend time with Ed and you now have possibly the most loyal Tenno in Ed!

A huge thanks to all involved with Ed’s wish; from the lovely team at Malmaison for being so generous and taking such excellent care of us all, to the absolutely wonderful Rebecca, Steve and Digital Extremes who went above and beyond to create an amazing, one-of-a-kind wish for Ed – it’s one I will not forget for a long time to come!


*It’s ok, I had to ask too – it turns out that Tenno are the faction that Warframe gamers play as…..You never stop learning in this job!





Megan, Wish Granter