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A nine year old from Teddington had her wish granted when she flew to the States to meet her favourite film star, and animal, Winter the Dolphin of Dolphin Tale

Olivia was diagnosed with a very rare form of liver disease called Biliary Artesia at just six weeks old. Her father became her living donor, as there were no matches for a baby so young, and donated part of his liver to her. Rays of Sunshine organised for the entire family to go to Florida for Olivia’s wish trip, which began with an exclusive meet and greet with Winter at Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Olivia & Winter the dolphin

Commenting on the trip, Nina, Olivia’s mum, said: “We had an absolutely magical week in Florida; it really was a holiday of a lifetime for the entire family. Every day was full of wonderful surprises, from having ice cream for breakfast to spending the evening trick or treating for ‘Halloween’ at the resort. Meeting Winter was an absolute dream come true for Olivia; she loved everything about the experience, especially being able to have her brothers alongside her to enjoy it too.

“We can’t thank Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity enough for organising such an amazing trip. It really means a lot to be able to go away and enjoy a family holiday together and create such treasured memories.”