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The Rays of Sunshine Wish application process is quick & easy

If you apply online, we receive the application immediately.

We don’t do home visits so we are able to assess your application quicker

You can expect to hear if we are able to grant the wish within 2 to 4 weeks of submitting the completed application (once medical consent has been received)

We do not have a waiting list for wishes

We include parents & siblings living in the family home on the wish experience

Travel Destinations we offer are:

  • Disney, Florida
  • Disney, Paris
  • Lapland
  • Selected European Sunshine holidays
  • Selected European city breaks
  • UK holidays and mini breaks

Please note that any abroad travel wishes are granted subject to us being able to obtain Medical Consent from the child’s main hospital Consultant and insurance from one of our 2 approved insurance providers

In the event of more than one child meeting our criteria within a family, a maximum of one holiday wish request per family will be considered.

We offer a huge variety of exciting wishes including meeting a celebrity, experience days out, to own something special, to be someone for the day.

Talk to us about the wide range of illnesses/conditions that meet our criteria for wishes 0208 782 11711