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As well as individual wishes, Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity also grants Hospital Ward Wishes.

Our first ward wish - Dennis Law opens Sensory Room at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

A ward wish is something special for everyone on the ward to spend time doing together and that everyone will enjoy.

Some examples of Hospital Ward Wishes we have granted includes:

  • Tickets for shows (e.g. Strictly Come Dancing tour, X Factor Live tour, Disney on Ice, Theatre, Christmas pantomime, Concerts)
  • Day trips (including, to the Zoo, Wildlife parks, Laser combat, Go karting, Theme parks, Activity centres , a Bowling alley)
  • Equipment (such as Toys, play equipment, iPads/Playstations or Xboxes, Sensory equipment)
  • A Celebrity  visit (Please note we cannot guarantee this wish)
  • Funding for entertainer /party

Who is eligible?

Hospitals, hospices and medical centres that have previously referred wishes to Rays of Sunshine during a 12 month period. All wards wishes must be conducted within the UK and only one application can be submitted per year. The children who will be attending the group wish must be between the ages of 3 -18 and they must meet the charities medical criteria which can be found on our website

What do we provide?

Funding for the above to a maximum of £1000 per application. We will not arrange transport to and from the venue and any other costs would need to be covered by you. You may include the cost of transport, food expenses and other costs in your budget.

How to apply?

Please complete the below Hospital Ward Wish Application Form request form. Once you have received your application please complete and send back to us via the post.

Your completed application will then be taken to our Appeals Committee for approval.

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