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Wishes are as unique as the children themselves

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They give a child the chance to forget  their illness and do something they could only dream of. Wishes make a child feel extra-special and bring them hope and happiness. They also provide families with treasured memories of happy times to look back on. 

Whether a child wants to be a princess or a fireman for a day, go to Disneyland in Paris, visit Santa in Lapland, own an iPad or meet their favourite pop star, Rays of Sunshine works hard to make that wish come true.

What’s in a Wish?

Anyone who has seen the impact a wish can have on a sick child and his or her family understands the power of a wish. For an ill child, having their dream come true benefits them in all sorts of ways.


“Being able to pull some people out of dark times and struggles is such an achievement and I hope you can see the difference you have made to every child’s life.”

Hannah, 18, wish child and ambassador


“Can’t thank you enough for George’s wish day at Mercedes World. It was fabulous and we have loads of great memories and one happy boy!”

Michelle, mother of wish child George, aged 16


“Thank you for my amazing day. I got to meet JLS. It was truly the best day ever. I haven’t stopped smiling.” 

Charlotte, 12, wish child

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“I reviewed Jack a few weeks ago. Despite continuing pain, he was in a much happier place. He spoke glowingly about the day in London Rays of Sunshine organised and I am sure this contributed to his improved well-being.” 

Dr Mark Wood, Consultant Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatologist, Leeds General Infirmary


“Thank you so much for granting Adam and his family this amazing gift. He has spent such a long time in hospital and it was also so wonderful for him to be able to fulfill his dreams. Around the time of the transplant, when Adam was very ill in hospital, it gave him and his family light at the end of the tunnel.” 

Dr Larissa Kerecuk, Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist, Birmingham Children’s Hospital


“For children like my son Jordan, creating happy memories is so important. He will remember what a great day he had for the rest of his life. He could forget all about his hospital visits and medication.”

June, mother of a wish child Jordan, aged 18


“Thanks for thinking of me so often. It makes a big difference when I am feeling low.”

Ellen, wish child

ANT_2550     Joey Essex makes seriously ill fan's D'Reem come true when he pops round for a cuppa, thanks to Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity and The Fragrance Shop. (2)


In a survey Rays of Sunshine conducted among its medical referrers, 97% thought that having a wish granted has a positive effect on a child who has a life threatening or serious illness