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Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity’s ambition is to grant an individual wish for all eligible wish children, as well as organising hospital ward wishes, large scale events and parties for hundreds of wish children and their families.

Who can apply for a wish? 

A child with a life-threatening medical condition who is aged between 3 & 18 years (applications are welcomed up to a child’s 19th birthday), is potentially eligible for a wish with Rays of Sunshine.

What life-threatening medical conditions qualify?

Please take a look at our medical criteria here (this is for guidance only). Once we have received the completed wish application, it is taken to our appeals committee, where each child’s application is individually assessed for eligibility by one of our medical advisors.

What if I have had a wish before? 

Rays of Sunshine does grant second wishes. All second wishes must be UK based.

Wish applications will not be approved for anyone who has had a wish granted by Rays of Sunshine or another wish granting charity within the past three years.

What kind of wish could I have? 

Wish Types:
  • To Go
  • To Be
  • To Meet
  • To Have

Wishes can be as unique as the children themselves and whether a child wants to be a princess or a fireman for the day, own an iPad, meet a favourite celebrity or even a ‘real life’ mermaid, Rays of Sunshine works hard to make that wish come true.

All wish applications are assessed on their individual circumstances and the medical information provided on the form. We work closely with our team of professional medical advisors to ensure the wish is suitable for the child. We cannot guarantee what type of wish can be granted upon application and therefore encourage parents to put down three different types of special wishes.

All wishes involving abroad travel are subject to medical consent and insurance. For travel to America visa waivers (ESTA’s) will be completed for all family members, if you are not eligible for a visa waiver you will be responsible for arranging your own visa.

Overseas destinations we currently grant wishes to:

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Disneyland Paris
  • Foreign Office approved European destinations

PLEASE NOTE: Due to funding constraints, we are restricted on the amount of international travel wishes we are able to approve.