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A Wish to Fund the ‘Eye Club’

Eye Club is a club for children living with Retinoblastoma (a form of childhood eye cancer).  The aim is to build confidence, self-esteem and their comfort level with the removal and insertion of their artificial eye.

The idea of the ‘Eye Club’ came from troubleshooting a problem with a Mum of a patient who wasn’t confident taking his eye out, his Mum thought he might respond to having another child show him.  We took this idea and thought that if we created a fun club that children would be excited to come and we would be able to help a larger number of children.

Some of the children who came to Eye Club originally because they were not confident with the removal/insertion of their artificial eye are now coming back as teachers to help other children and show them what they have learned to help increase their independence. The club runs all day and is made up of 2 hours of clinical time, a lunch time pizza party and bowling.

Siblings are encouraged to attend Eye Club so that they can meet other child with artificial eyes and also siblings who have had similar experiences. Siblings are welcome to join in for pizza and bowling but are not able to attend the clinical part of eye club.  .  After each club parents are asked to fill out an evaluation form some comments are below:

‘Eye Club helped my son realise he is not the only one with a special eye’

‘Eye Club is very, very valuable in confidence building, self-esteem of the children and us as parents’

‘She would have never achieved what she did at home without the support and encouragement of the Eye Club. The environment was conducive to ‘wanting’ to do it.  I think it helps to see other children with artificial eyes who can take them out and put them in to encourage those who can’t’  

Rays of Sunshine would like to thank their Corporate Partners Dominos and All Star Lanes for assistance with this ward wish.