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A wish that “Rocked”… Rays of Sunshine grants Lucy’s greatest wish to meet Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Last December we granted six-year-old Lucy’s greatest wish to meet the legendary Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock,” world-champion wrestler turned Hollywood superstar.

In 2015, Lucy was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3; an incurable condition which gradually causes muscle weakness and reduced mobility. Despite this, Lucy is a bubbly and sociable young girl who loves nothing more than to sing and dance. She never lets her condition get in the way of having fun!

Lucy’s love of Dwayne Johnson was sparked after discovering that he was the voice behind Maui in her favourite Disney film, ‘Moana’. She since went on to watch his other films on repeat and added a few more favourites to her list including ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Rampage’. To make Lucy’s dream of meeting Dwayne Johnson a reality, Lucy was invited along to a very special meet and greet on the set of his new film, ‘Hobbs and Shaw’. As Lucy’s Wish Granter, I had the pleasure of not only arranging Lucy’s wish, but also joining Lucy, her father Stuart, her mother Allyson, and her brother Roy for the special day.

One thing that you learn as a Wish Granter is the ability to whip up a magical itinerary at top speed! With just a few days to arrange flights all the way from Scotland to London, as well as a hotel room near Shepperton Studios and taxis for multiple journeys, it was full steam ahead to make sure everything would be perfect for Lucy. Luckily, we love a challenge here at Rays of Sunshine!

Soon enough, Lucy’s special trip to London had arrived, kicking off in style with a fun ride in an airplane. On the journey, Lucy and her brother, Roy, were given the true VIP treatment by FlyBe, who welcomed them into the cockpit to meet the pilot.

The next day, I was met by a very excited Lucy and her lovely family at Shepperton Studios where, along with two lucky children from other wish granting charities, she would be enjoying a fun-filled day meeting her idol, Dwayne Johnson.

As with many of the wishes that Rays of Sunshine grants, it’s the attention to detail that can really make the difference, and Dwayne’s team, as well as Shepperton Studios had pulled out all the stops to make sure each child had a day to remember. With a Christmas den decked out with Xbox’s, snacks, and even cars and motorbikes from the Fast and Furious films, it’s safe to say the children were in their element. The detail went as far as making Lucy her very own Xbox character, complete with pretty pink dress and a unicorn in her favourite colours – how they got it so spot on, we’ll never know.

Finally, it was the moment we’d all been waiting for… time to meet The Rock! Lucy had so much fun taking centre stage while singing a duet of her favourite Moana songs with her idol before getting a sneak preview of his new movie as he filmed an exciting scene. There were even more surprises in store when his co-star Jason Statham came over to meet the children, and Dwayne’s soft side shone through as he took them all on set to introduce them to the production team and hailed them as the real superheroes.

As if that wasn’t enough, Dwayne stayed true to his reputation as the “nicest guy in Hollywood” by giving each child a goody bag filled with amazing Hobbs and Shaw merchandise, Dwayne Johnson’s very own home-baked cookies, and last but not least, a personalised Xbox One each. The only worry of the day was if there would be enough room on the plane to take home all their new presents.

Truly it was the gift that kept on giving and the following weeks were filled with surprise after surprise when The Rock himself started posting about Lucy’s wish on his social media. Not only did he share posts of Lucy on his Instagram, but he also shared a very special video on his YouTube channel, which you can watch here.

After her wish, Allyson, Lucy’s mum, said:

“Thank you to Rays of Sunshine for granting Lucy this amazing wish, it has been a truly fantastic experience for us all! Lucy has been singing ‘You’re Welcome’ nonstop since meeting Dwayne Johnson.”

Lucy loved her wish so much that she created a PowerPoint presentation about it for her Digital Badge at Beavers, which she shared with the Rays of Sunshine team. We were lucky enough to get permission from Lucy and her parents to share the presentation with you. Check it out below…


On behalf of all of us at Rays of Sunshine, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Dwayne Johnson and his amazing team for their incredible generosity and kindness. Not only was it a day that Lucy (and I) will treasure forever, but a wish that will go down in Rays of Sunshine history as one of our most epic.

Blog written by Beth True, Rays of Sunshine Wish Granter