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Every day at Rays HQ we receive lots of wonderful wish requests. The wishes are as unique as the children themselves and whether a child wants to be a Princess for a day, meet their favourite YouTube star or go on a family holiday, we work hard to make their wish a reality.

Harrison and his brother Myles at The Grove


There are also those that have great sentimental value…

That was certainly the case for 8-year-old Harrison, who has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). Harrison decided to use his wish to return to a meaningful place for him and his family, The Grove, in Hertfordshire.

This is a place of significance to them due to it being where they all came for Harrison’s respite after he finished treatment for the first time.

After reading his application, I made it my mission to make sure that his wish would be one to remember. Thanks to the incredible staff at The Grove, we definitely did that!

Harrison’s stay was planned down to the hour, with a whole host of different activities for him and his family.

With the help from Executive Head Chef at The Grove, Harry Lomas, the plans took shape. Harry even asked for Harrison’s measurements before the day so he could fix him up with his own personalised chef whites!

He also made sure that Mum and Dad could unwind and relax at the famous hotel whilst Harrison was becoming his next sous chef in the making.

Harrison and his brother Myles had a fun-packed couple of days at The Grove, which included making temper chocolates, helping to prepare the restaurants, judging a pastry master class and, of course, a golf lesson from a professional golfer.

We are hugely grateful to The Grove for their incredible generosity and for helping us grant such a memorable and magical wish for Harrison and his family.

Carly Borg, Wish Granter


Take a look through some of the great photos taken during Harrison’s stay…