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Primary school teacher, Joseph Hopkins, teacher of Wish Child Tia-Mae, has released debut children’s book Lydia Greenfingers.



This garden-inspired tale tells a story of the tragic loss Lydia faces when she loses her parent and ends up living with her wicked Aunty. In a heart-warming twist, Lydia decides to make things right, by growing flowers, tall and bright!
This adorable book was inspired by the author, Joseph’s, late grandmother, Lydia.

Joseph, said:

“My first daughter of two, Betty-Sue, would play in my Nan’s garden for hours and I used to love watching them from the window. They were totally captivated with each other’s presence and although they were years apart in age, they had a connection like the best of friends. When my Nan passed away I felt empowered with the need to keep her memory living on, for her and also for Betty-Sue. That is how the story came to life. Having used lots of stories in my career for various teaching methods, I do feel that my story is unique and rare. The book lightly and delicately touches upon the subject of bereavement but ends with a beautiful heart-warming resolution. Friends and family that have heard the story have said that it is a precious little book, some quoting it made them well up and want to give their little ones a big cuddle. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the story with my little girls and think it would be a welcome family favourite at bed-time.”

“Lydia Greenfingers” is now available to buy from Amazon and all good bookshops and 20p from the sale of every copy of the book will be donated to Rays of Sunshine. Joseph decided to help fund more magical wishes with his debut book after one of his pupil’s, Tia-Mae, who is currently living with genetic condition Turners Syndrome, had her greatest wish granted by the charity to meet her favourite popstar, and Rays of Sunshine ambassador, Olly Murs.


You can purchase the book here: