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Today is Send a Card to a Friend Day

So, we sat down and thought about our friends and who we’d like to send a card to… and we realised that at Rays of Sunshine we are blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends that the options were overwhelming!

From our amazing corporate supporters, like Clintons, to fundraisers, suppliers, from Clic Sargents to supporters, Nurses, Play Specialists, Entertainers, volunteers, ambassadors…the list is endless and makes us feel very lucky, knowing that we have such a wonderful network around us, helping us in our quest to grant magical wishes every day.

However, none of us would be here without some very important people …our wish children.

We exist to try and bring some Sunshine into the lives of our wish children when they need it the most, but what may not be immediately obvious is that they do the same for us.

Our day is made when we pick up the phone and hear a funny story about one of our wish children, or receive happy wish day photos, or a thank you card.

You may not realise how much happiness and light you bring to everyone around you, just by being your wonderful selves!

So: to all of our wish children (those featured and those not) – Thank you!

This card is for you, our fabulous, funny, fearless friends