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Rays of Sunshine recently teamed up with Playtonic Games to make the wish of a gaming-mad teen come true

15-year-old Sam, from Scotland, is currently living with Spinomuscular Atrophy, a genetic condition that makes the muscles weaker and causes problems with movement. Sam has one big passion – gaming, which was the inspiration behind his greatest wish; to have an exclusive gaming experience. To make his dream become a reality, Rays of Sunshine teamed up with Playtonic Games, an independent video game developer, started by the creative talent behind some of the most popular platform games of the past (including Donkey Kong Country and Banjo-Kazooie). 

Platonic Games didn’t hesitate to help us make Sam’s wish come true. The team got straight to work on a jam-packed itinerary of exclusive behind the scenes activity at its HQ. On arrival, Sam’s VIP treatment began with a bespoke welcome sign awaiting for his arrival.

He was then introduced to all of the wonderfully talented team before heading off to see character sketches for a (very top secret) new game and chatting to all of the team. If all of this wasn’t enough, Sam even got to record some audio for Playtonic’s latest game – a gamer’s dream – all before testing out the new game. As Sam’s mum describes it, he got to enjoy lots of ‘top secret gaming shenanigans all day’.


If all of that wasn’t enough, before he left, Sam was presented with a huge goody bag full of amazing gaming goodies!

After his wish, Susan, Sam’s mum said:

“Sam is still buzzing over the visit! Playtonic Games thoroughly spoiled him and  it was an absolutely amazing experience for him. 

Thank you so, so much for making this dream come true for Sam.” 

To echo Susan’s words, we can’t be more thankful to everyone at Playtonic Games for helping us grant such a magical wish!

To find out more information about Playtonic Games, please visit: