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Back in May, we posted a Days @ Rays blog celebrating our wonderful Wish Ambassadors. We thought it was about time you heard from them one of them, in their very own words.

So without further ado, we will do just that…

Hi there! My name is Sophie, I’m 21 and a Wish Ambassador for Rays of Sunshine. There are so many things I could write about, and who knows, if you enjoy this post maybe Rays of Sunshine will ask me to guest blog again in the future! For now, though, I’ll focus on some of the wishes I’ve granted since becoming a Wish Co-ordinator.

Ok, I lied – I can’t choose which ones to talk about. Every wish I have organised has been too special not to mention. Some wishes have been harder to arrange than others – one was even arranged during a 7-week stint in hospital whilst I was receiving treatment for severe rejection of my transplant! Still, being able to make a dream come true is a real honour so it never feels like work (even when I’m chasing people via email at 3 am!)

The first wish I granted was for Amy, who wanted to be a mascot for the Welsh Rugby Team. She went to watch the Welsh team at their final training session before the game against Fiji, before meeting the team and getting autographs and was given tickets to her very own VIP box to watch the game the following day! A few months later, she led the Cardiff Blues onto the field to play the Newport Dragons.

Connor’s wish was to visit the Royal Mint in Llantrisant to learn how money is made. At the time, the museum didn’t exist and no member of the public had been allowed inside in over a decade. I contacted the Royal Mint, who opened their doors for the day to give Connor a tour, as well as the opportunity to make his own coins that went into circulation! He was given a special coin collection to take away with him and even got to hold the original medals made for the London 2012 Olympics.

Maddoc’s wish was to meet the Welsh Rugby Team. Similarly to Amy, he was invited to watch the Welsh Rugby Team at their final training session before the game against Italy, before meeting the team and getting autographs as well as tips from the Captain to take home to his rugby team. He stayed overnight at the Celtic Manor Resort Hotel. He thought he would be going home in time to watch the game on TV, but instead got a surprise when he found out he had his own VIP box to watch the game from!

Princess Hope – well, I suppose you can guess what her wish was! She had a wonderful party at Cardiff Castle where she was crowned Princess in front of fifty of her friends and family. There were lots of games, food and a beautiful ‘Frozen’ cake.

Bente’s wish was to visit the set of Casualty and meet the cast. I especially loved this wish, as it was so similar to my own (in 2010, I went to the set of Holby City and met my favourite characters!) It took a very long time to arrange, and unfortunately Bente was in hospital the day of the visit. Video messages from some of the cast and signed photos and scrubs were sent to her, and she will be invited to the set in the future.

Elin and Lucy met Five Seconds of Summer in Cardiff, where they got to spend time with the band, chatting, having photos taken and getting autographs. They also had tickets to see the concert afterwards!

Loan’s wish was to meet Alter Bridge. He met the American rock band before their concert in Cardiff, where he got to chat with them, have photos taken and he was even given an autographed drum skin, used while they were recording their latest album!

The most recent wish I have granted was for Nia, who wanted to have an unforgettable sensory experience. She had a fantastic time at her private rainbow-themed Mess Around party, with her parents and brothers. There were lots of different activities including water, slime, sand, rice, spaghetti, feathers and paint!

If you’ve made it all the way to here, thank you! Sorry for the long post (and this was me trying to keep it brief!) – I get really passionate when talking about Rays of Sunshine and the wishes I have helped grant.

Lots of Love and Sunshine!

Sophie Washington