The Rays of Sunshine Team

The Rays of Sunshine Team

Ella Baker

Wish Granter

Joanne Benisty

Acting Head of Fundraising

Lindsey Bennister

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Olivia Fox

Fundraising and Events Manager (currently on maternity leave)

Harriet Hemmings

Senior Wish Granter

Ruby Kalam

Office Administrator

Claire Kelly

Hospital Liaison Manager

Sarah May Kershaw

Head of PR & Communications

Mandy Lee

Wish Manager

Sally Levy

Hospital Liaison (Manchester & North)

Ginnie Maxfield-White

Head of Operations

Helen McNicholas

Corporate Partnerships Manager

Sarah Osborne

Wish Manager

Jenny Porter

Wish Granter

Usha Radhakrishnan

Head of Finance

Ellie Skipper

PR & Communications Executive

Melissa Vandermolen

Hospital Liaison (London & South)

Bethany True

Wish Granter