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On Tuesday, 3rd July 2018, Rays of Sunshine had the pleasure of being invited back to a lovely riverside property on the banks of the Thames in Buckinghamshire – all thanks to the wonderful team from Milly Days UK.
More than 20 of our lovely wish families came along to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun and an opportunity to make new family memories with many fun activities. There was a petting zoo, an archery range, crazy mini golf, boat rides, and arguably the most attractive attraction on the 30-degree day, the swimming pool!
Milly Days is a registered UK charity that offers an opportunity for those in need of peace and a chance to recharge. They invite groups of people to spend the day at the Milly Days property to enjoy the countryside and other recreational activities.

Many thanks to everyone at Milly Days who made the day so special. Check out all the photos from the special day below and click here to find out more about Milly Days.