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Arsenal F.C. player named ambassador for Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity


Mesut Özil has become an ambassador for Rays of Sunshine, a children’s charity that brightens the lives of seriously ill children in the UK aged three to 18 years old by granting individual wishes, granting hospital ward wishes and organising outings and large-scale events. As part of his new role, the Arsenal F.C. player will help the charity grant wishes for children as well as attending Rays of Sunshine events and giving up his time to bring joy to children who are seriously ill.

Mesut Özil commented: “I’m happy to announce on my birthday, the best present of all which is I have become an ambassador for Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity! I’m looking forward to continue spreading rays of sunshine by helping grant wishes for seriously ill children across the UK.”

Jane Sharpe, CEO of Rays of Sunshine, added: “We’re so thrilled to announce Mesut Özil as an ambassador for Rays of Sunshine. He has been so wonderful to the charity, previously helping us grant Arsenal wishes and inviting us to many football matches. We’re excited to continue granting more football wishes with Mesut’s help and officially welcome him in to the Rays of Sunshine family.”

Five families from across the UK recently travelled to a top-secret London location for an exclusive party, where they met Özil in person and helped him celebrate his 30th birthday. At the event, the footballer spent time with the group of children, who are some of the biggest Arsenal fans. They played FIFA together, had time to ask Özil questions, and were even gifted signed merchandise from Özil’s clothing line. Özil ensured all of the children went away with huge smiles on their faces and precious memories to cherish forever.

Amongst the children who attended the event was 14-year-old Ronnie, living with Kartenger Syndrome, 16-year-old Joshua, who is currently undergoing treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, seven-year-old Duygu, who is also undergoing treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, nine-year-old Joey, who has undergone a combined liver and pancreas transplant and eight-year-old Callum, who is living with various complex medical conditions.