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British musician and DJ, Mark Ronson, recently teamed up with Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity to record a very special version of ‘Valerie’ .

This year will mark the 10 year anniversary of the release of the hit that was made iconic by Mark and his dear friend Amy Winehouse in 2007. The group of 10 singers and musicians, aged 10 to 18, are all living with a serious or life-limiting illness. Rays of Sunshine brought them together at SARM Music Village in Notting Hill to collaborate with the superstar, who is a supporter of the charity which grants children’s wishes.

The children included Molly (17), from Sittingbourne, who is currently living with a very rare form of cancer, Joel (12) and Lucy (10) who have both undergone treatment for a Brain Tumour, Fabien (12), who is currently living with Hodgkin’s Disease, Tamzin (14) who is living with Cystic Fibrosis, Lila (18) who is living Marfan’s Syndrome, Chloe (16) who is living with a severe deformity of the spine, Evan (11) who is living with Aplastic Anaemia, Saira (10) and George (13) who are both living with Leukaemia.

 “It’s been amazing being in the recording studio with Rays of Sunshine and the children, recording Valerie”, comments Mark.

They are a group of fantastic singers and musicians and it was great to be able to hone in on everyone’s individual talent and see them shine. From Molly on the piano, Lila rocking the guitar, Fabien on drums and Joel performing a lead vocal, and everyone coming together to perform the chorus, it was amazing to see everyone really get in to it,” adds Mark.

 Discussing why he chose this special song, Mark explains:

“The main reason I chose Valerie is because I thought it would be nice to pick an upbeat song that the kids would be familiar with and the song has such a good spirit to it. It’s a song that Amy and I recorded 10 years ago and to watch a group of kids, some weren’t even alive when we recorded the song, really getting in to it and performing, was great. I had a lot of fun jamming, playing piano and spending time with all of the children – it’s always great working with Rays of Sunshine.”