<Could you be the magic that opens a door for a wish child?>

Wishes are only possible thanks to donations from kind people like you.

One special wish we granted was for Raniyah, an aspiring voiceover artist. She’s a born storyteller so here’s her story in her own words.

“During Christmas 2020 I was really unwell – in ICU on life support. When I started getting better in 2021, my youth support coordinator told me I could apply for a wish. She wanted me to have memories that weren’t all horrible and related to cancer.

“I wanted it to be a memory or experience I couldn’t pay for. So, I put ‘Disney voice over’ as my first choice.

“When I found out my wish was coming true I got really excited! I just wasn’t expecting it!

“I met Jens, the producer. It’s his job to mix the sounds and voices. My wish started with showing me how things work, and what they do. I was allowed to sit at the desk and look at all the things on the table that are used to mix and produce the sounds. This was one of the most interesting parts of the day to me.

“I then started with my voiceover, I got the main character. Finally, we were able to watch the clip – it was magical seeing my voice on the character.”

Seeing young people like Raniyah use their wish to explore something they may not have considered before is the very best kind of magic.

Raniyah’s wish was only possible because of donations from generous people just like you.

Your donation today will help open doors for another wish child, like Raniyah.