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Rays of Sunshine and GameWagon grant Logan’s greatest wish to have a games party

From left is Keaira Hancock, 6, Logan Smith, 8, Mark Phillips of Game Wagon, Finley Smith, 7, and Kesi Bram, 2.

Keaira Hancock, 6, Logan Smith, 8, Mark Phillips of Game Wagon, Finley Smith, 7, and Kesi Bram, 2.


A gaming-mad eight year old, from Birmingham, was treated to a very special games party at his house to celebrate finishing his treatment for cancer, thanks to Rays of Sunshine and GameWagon.

Eight year old Logan was living with a rare form of cancer; Rhabdomyosarcoma, which he was diagnosed with earlier this year. Since diagnosis, Logan has endured surgery to remove the cancerous tumour, as well as intense chemotherapy, which has meant he spent a lot of time in hospital. During which, Logan became particularly interested in gaming, playing games such as MineCraft during his long hospital visits.

After his treatment came to an end earlier this month, Logan’s mum applied for a wish through children’s charity Rays of Sunshine, for Logan to be treated to his very own celebratory gaming party.  The charity enlisted the support of GameWagon, who didn’t hesitate to organise for one of its custom-built fleet to go to Logan’s house, bringing the party to his doorstep and granting his wish. During the fun-filled afternoon, Logan was able to play all of his favourite video games alongside his family.

Shumoan, Logan’s mum, commented:

“Logan absolutely loved his day! It was an absolutely great day for the entire family – everyone had such fun. It was nice to be able to spend some great quality time together as a family and celebrate Logan getting the all-clear. We can’t thank Rays of Sunshine and GameWagon enough for Logan’s wish.”  

Mark Philips, regional manager at Gamewagon, said:

“We are delighted to help make Logan’s wish come true.  Gamewagon provides a safe and excitable gaming experience so Logan was able to enjoy the party with his friends, while his family relaxed and let us take care of everything.”

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Contact Mark Philips, regional manager, on 07765 138475, for more information.