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Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity fulfil Lila’s wish to spend the day baking at Sweet Bea’s Bakery in London

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An ill eleven-year-old girl from Kings Heath, Birmingham, who has serious health challenges, had her greatest wish granted to spend the day baking with a professional, thanks to Rays of Sunshine and Clintons

Lila is currently living with Tuberous Sclerosis, a rare genetic condition, which in her case has caused progressive chronic Kidney disease and hypertension, after being diagnosed in October 2007 at the age of three. Due to her condition, Lila has to attend many hospital appointments and take daily medication. Despite this, Lila is an extremely brave little girl. She is a big fan of the TV programme The Great British Bake off and has a real passion for baking, which was the inspiration for her greatest wish.

When applying to Rays of Sunshine for Lila’s greatest wish, her mother Rebecca, commented:

“Lila is a very sociable little girl who is also sensitive and kind. She tries so hard with everything that she does including coping with her condition which can often make her feel very anxious. Helping out in a bakery would be an exciting experience for Lila and she particularly likes decorating the cakes that she bakes.”

To make Lila’s greatest wish come true, Rays of Sunshine organised for her and her family to travel to London where they spent two days exploring the city and trying out some baking. On the first evening, Lila and her family went to Tiny Leaf, a restaurant in Notting Hill, where she even got the chance to help out in the kitchen and wait some tables. The next day, she made her way to Sweet Bea’s Bakery where she got to spend the day with professional baker, Lucia, making her very own rainbow cake, decorated with a Panda.

After her wish, Lila’s mother said:

I can’t tell you what a wonderful time Lila had on her baking wish and we certainly can’t thank Rays of Sunshine enough for organising her wish. Baking the cake at Sweet Bea’s with Lucia was fantastic and you can see what a magnificent creation Lila achieved from the photos that were taken.

Lila had the time of her life at Tiny Leaf restaurant on the Sunday night when they had her in the kitchen, in an apron, cooking the deserts and waitressing tables! The whole of the Tiny Leaf team were unbelievably kind to her and Lila now says that’s exactly what she wants to do when she grows up! The whole experience was magical and we can’t believe how lucky we were. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you again to everyone who was involved in the wish.”

 The eleven-year-old’s greatest wish was made possible thanks to Rays of Sunshine’s corporate supporter, Clintons. Already this year, Clintons has raised a whopping £83,000 through the sale of products and donations from 5p carrier bag charge for the charity.