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Jupiter Hotels Scottish General Managers and General Manager for Mercure Tunbridge Wells Hotel take on extreme challenges to raise money for Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity

Jupiter Hotels Scottish General Managers and Management team have raised £2,295 by climbing all 3,000ft of Ben Lomond, Scotland’s most Southerly Munro, for children’s charity Rays of Sunshine.

(Image: Jupiter Hotels Scottish General Managers climbing Ben Lomond for Rays of Sunshine)

The General Managers who took part consisted of Lindsay Steele, General Manager for Mercure Ayr Hotel, Dan Granfield, General Manager for Mercure Glasgow City Hotel, Fraser Peterkin, General Manager for Mercure Inverness Hotel, Gabriella Maltesics, General Manager for Mercure Perth Hotel and James Fraser, Jupiter Hotels Cluster General Manager for Scotland. The whole group found the climb to a be a bigger physical and mental challenge than they had originally anticipated, with some being afraid of heights and others whose only previous walking experience consisted of roaming the hotel or taking the dog for a local stroll.

The final member of the team Jamie Milligan, General Manager for the Holiday Inn Dumfries, completed the challenge separately due to injury on the day, so Dan Grandfield, General Manager for the Mercure Glasgow City Hotel accompanied him meaning Dan climbed Ben Lomond twice!

Jupiter Hotels Cluster General Manager for Scotland, James Fraser, spoke of the group’s accomplishment, “The team and I felt passionately that we wanted to do something special and raise money for Rays of Sunshine after seeing some of the amazing things they do for poorly children and their families. This climb was definitely a personal mission for all of us but something we are really proud to have completed together.”

Supporters can still donate to the worthy cause and help the group reach their target of £3,000 here –

(Image: General Manager Nathan Ruthven skydiving for Rays of Sunshine charity)


The General Manager for the Mercure Tunbridge Wells Hotel, Nathan Ruthven, has raised nearly £1,600 for children’s charity Rays of Sunshine by completing a personal challenge of skydiving for the very first time.

Nathan, who describes himself as far from an adrenalin junkie and avoids roller coaster rides at all costs, wanted to push himself out of his comfort zone (quite literally out of a plane at 12,000 feet) in support of the hotel’s new charity partner Rays of Sunshine.

As well as mustering the courage to gear himself up for the flight, and fall, of his life, Nathan also had the personal mission of meeting the strict weight restriction to complete the jump. Nathan overhauled his lifestyle in the months leading up, resulting in a commendable stone and a half weight loss.

(Image: Nathan Ruthven wearing a Rays of Sunshine t-shirt ahead of his skydive)

Speaking on his accomplishment, Nathan Ruthven, General Manager of the Mercure Tunbridge Wells Hotel said, “It was definitely a challenge and an overwhelming physical and mental feat for me, I thought about pulling out several times but after witnessing some of the incredible things Rays of Sunshine do, I could not help but be motivated and inspired to do this. Completing the jump turned out to be one of the most invigorating things I have ever done, and is an achievement that my family and I are really proud of.

 I’m incredibly thankful to everyone who has supported and sponsored me, even if this makes a difference to just one child and puts a smile on their or their families face, then it’s been more than worth it”.

After smashing his initial target of £1,000, and with donations still pouring in, Nathan is already planning his next challenge for the charity. He has also inspired his colleagues and guests and has set the precedence for the hotel’s fundraising initiative very high.

Commenting on their amazing contributions, Jane Sharpe, CEO for Rays of Sunshine said, “Rays of Sunshine is honoured and grateful that employees from Jupiter Hotels have embraced the partnership and achieved such wonderful accomplishments. The teams have taken on some incredible challenges and raised a fantastic amount for us. It is only with the support of our valued partners, such as Jupiter Hotels and all the individuals involved, that we can continue to make magical wishes come true and create special memories.”

If you’re interested in taking on a Rays of Sunshine challenge event, visit our events page here or email  for more information