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For those who aren’t aware, International Nurses Day is a special day celebrated globally on the 12th May of each year to mark the contributions that nurses make to society. It’s a time of reflection to honour the women and men that deliver outstanding patient care.

Held annually on the birthday of the English founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, International Nurses Day recognises the history of revolutionary nursing as well as the hard work and dedication that nurses demonstrate today.

For us, International Nurses Day is an excellent time to celebrate all the amazing nurses that we meet. Whether it’s the nurses that help to treat many of the children we interact with, or the nurses that help us put on some amazing Hospital Activity Days, much of our work is made easier with the incredible relationships we have with nurses around the UK.

One example of how our relationships with nurses are strongly valued is through our wish programme. We receive many referrals from nurses around the country that care for their patients so much that they want to be able to help to make a difference in their lives by referring them for a special wish with Rays of Sunshine.

In many instances, we work with nurses, who go above and beyond their call of duty, to make a child smile. Currently, a member of our Wish Team is working directly with a nurse who is helping to arrange translators for a family that speaks little English but is having a wish granted with Rays of Sunshine.

Another nurse has recently shared with us some incredible feedback following a referral for his patient to receive an iPad to help eliminate the feeling of isolation during their stay in hospital:

Spending time with him watching him using the iPad clearly demonstrates how it gives him confidence not only to interact with his wider world but as it’s something he can manage and operate himself, it gives him the autonomy to play and learn without the need to ask for help to access apps on the internet. Thank you to your team for continuing to make children and young adults wishes become a reality, it is wonderful seeing the fruits of your labours come to life,” said a Pepper Nurse from Rennie Grove Children’s Hospice.

Melissa Vandermolen, Rays of Sunshine’s Hospital Liaison Executive for the South-East region, praises the incredible work of the nurses we work with at our Hospital Activity Days:

Our Hospital Activity Days help children and families forget about their illnesses just for a couple hours when we’re in the hospitals, and would not be possible without the help from nurses and play specialists. With their support, we’re able to raise morale of all the staff at the hospital as these special activity days help to get children out of bed who wouldn’t normally want to.”

To every nurse we’ve worked with and every nurse we have yet to meet, from everyone here at Rays of Sunshine, we thank you for your incredible service and dedication to the well-being of others.

Keep up the amazing work!