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This time last year, we granted Olivia’s wish to meet her idol, Niall Horan. Recently, she sent us a blog about that special day and we’re thankful to be able to share it with all of you…

Blog written by: Olivia Lang, age 17

On the 22nd of March 2018, two other wish children and I were invited to Brixton Academy in London to watch Niall Horan soundcheck his concert and then we were lucky enough to get an exclusive meet and greet afterwards.

We arrived at London and were greeted by a limo at the train station which took us to the location where we were met by several Rays of Sunshine representatives who gave us special lanyards and we were given the meet and greet wristbands. The other children and I were taken to the front of the queue where we waited for the doors to open (which felt like forever) and then we rushed to the front of the theatre to get the best view of our idol.

He came on stage and he gave us a shout-out as we were very easy to spot due to the sea of yellow tops taking over the front part of the floor. After he sang three songs, On The Loose, This Town and Fire Away, he answered questions and interacted with the fans and then we were taken up to a separate room where Niall was soon to meet us.

After 10 minutes, Niall came upstairs and he was brought over to me first where we took selfies, he signed some things for me, gave me a bag full of his merchandise and we had a good chat about things such as golf, his music and food. I gave him one of my badges that I use to raise awareness for my condition and he was very concerned as to whether I was okay – he was lovely. My personal dream was to do a duet with my idol so I asked him nervously to which he replied yes but said he was picking the key – to which we laughed at. We sang together and then he pulled me into a hug after whilst the other girls, their families and the charity representatives clapped for us, it was the best moment of my life.

After he had time with the other two wish children, Niall took photos with our families and with us as a group and we thanked him for all he had done for us. He then left the room to go and get ready for his concert whilst we were transported in the limo to Planet Hollywood for a lovely meal.

We then spent the next day in London and had so much fun sightseeing and living our best lives. It was a surreal, incredible experience that I will never forget and I would like to thank Rays Of Sunshine for creating such wonderful memories for myself as well as the other children and families that were there on that day.

Thank you so much Rays of Sunshine. I had the best day ever!