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We are proud to be supporting ‘A Good Weekend’, a special annual event, from 17th-20th March 2017, when organisations running activities, events and experiences offer them free or at reduced prices, for everyone to enjoy.

A Good Weekend is about trying new things, meeting likeminded people and enjoying the simple pleasures together.

It’s the GOOD ‘Black Friday’ – with good times, fun and happiness, not ‘more stuff’ on offer.

It supports United Nations’ endeavours, through Global Goal 3, to achieve universal Good Health And Wellbeing.

With an epidemic of stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness, many people are struggling. It is awareness and easy access to the activities and communities of ‘A Good Weekend’ that can provide much-needed positive experiences.

Do More, Spend Less. Enjoy A Good Weekend.

As well as our own, there are thousands more activities to enjoy at Check them out now!