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One of the things we really love here at Rays is getting to know the whole Rays of Sunshine family – from our wish children to our supporters and fundraisers – and we’d like to think that through this blog, you’re all getting the opportunity to get to know us a bit more too!

Because we’d like you to get to know the whole team, we’ve introduced a new feature post this year where we’ll be introducing different members of the team each month, getting to know what they do here and what makes them tick.

So, without further ado….let’s get going!

Introducing…. our brilliant Finance Manager, Usha!

We thought we’d kick things off in a department that houses some unsung heroes of Rays of Sunshine – the Finance Team! It has to be said that without the lovely ladies over in finance we would all be completely lost and, I also have to say, they have the patience of saints! They deal with last minute requests, changes, cancellations and countless questions about how things should be recorded – honestly, lesser beings would have blown a fuse by now, but Usha and our fab finance team accept everything with a smile!

Usha joined the Rays of Sunshine team last year and jumped right into her role with loads of enthusiasm and sunny spirit – and, of course, the aforementioned patience that is so important in her role.

In a short time Usha has become an invaluable and much loved member of the team and we can’t imagine what we’d do without her (she also cooks up some pretty wonderful treats for the office too, which tend to vanish rather quickly)!


So there we have it, our very first ‘Getting to know….’ post!

Stay tuned for many more to come over the year, along with more about wonderful wishes, fabulous fundraising and everything happening during our Days@Rays!