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In the lead up to Christmas, it makes us so joyful to see so many of our wish children and their families having such an incredible time during their wishes to Lapland in Finland! This Feedback Friday, we want to share a few snippets of this incredible family feedback along with some very special photos.

Ben’s family said:
“We had a fantastic time in Lapland! It was a magical place! Thank you Rays of Sunshine so much. The trip was so well organised!”
Louie’s family said:
“We had the most amazing trip, Louie was really well the whole time we were there and we all really enjoyed ourselves. It is the most beautiful place! Thank you, Rays of Sunshine! It really was a special time.”
Eliza’s family said:
“We had such a lovely time and I can’t begin to tell you what a joy it was to have all the kids there together. It’s our first proper holiday as a family since our son was born and we got so much out of it. Eliza thinks Lapland is just the best place ever, and she tells me she is going to move there when she grows up! Thanks for all your help.”


Lucas’s family said:
“We are one super happy family after our return from Lapland! We wanted to say thank you so very much. Rays of Sunshine made our dream come true and we will be forever grateful. It was such an emotional time seeing Lucas so happy. Literally everything was covered on our trip and it was just perfect. Thank you so very much!”
Ernie’s family said:
“We had an amazing time and the snow arrived when we got there. The hotel was wonderful, and we spent most of our time sledging, seeing the reindeer and meeting huskies. Ernie says, ‘A big THANK YOU! It was really fun my favourite was the husky farm. I also loved the snow and the reindeer and siting in the pilot seat.’ Thank you so much for all your brilliant organisation and the trip was one we won’t ever forget.”


Rose’s family said:
“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for our amazing trip. Everything was perfect and so much fun. The kids loved it and so did we. We have made lots of memories to last forever thanks to you Rays of Sunshine. You all do a fabulous job!”