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Imagine having such an impact on a child that when they get the chance to name a penguin, out of all the names in the world, they choose yours! That’s what happened when Hafsa got the opportunity recently after her ice skating wish. She named a skating aid penguin after her favourite nurse, Noreen.

Such a touching act and one that also highlights the huge part that nurses play in the lives of the children receiving their care.

(Above: Hafsa’s penguin which she named Noreen, after her favourite nurse.)

On Friday, the 12th May, it is International Nurses Day. A whole day dedicated to celebrating the contributions made to society by nurses. There is no doubt that the nurses that we work with help us hugely in our ability to grant wishes.

In my role as Hospital Liaison Manager, I am fortunate to see and hear stories every day of how nurses are doing amazing work helping, befriending and guiding some of our wish children through their treatment. Quite often these nurses become extended members of the family and are privy to some of their darkest days. They are instrumental in some of these children being able to look fondly on their time in hospital, rather than just seeing the scary times.

We would not be able to do the work we do without the nurses and hospital teams spreading the word and opening children’s imaginations up to the possibility of having a wish.

From everyone here at Rays of Sunshine, we would like to express our huge gratitude and admiration for the truly inspirational work that all nurses do. We would all be lost without your compassion, expertise and above all, care.

Claire Kelly, Hospital Liaison Manager