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This year not one, but two of our amazing team have celebrated their 10 year anniversaries at Rays of Sunshine!

Senior Wish Manager, Sarah, and Wish Engagement Manager, Katie, both started at the charity in 2007 – when Rays of Sunshine was only 4 years old itself! Since then they have helped to bring smiles to hundreds of children and their families.

We wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Katie and Sarah and let them know how special they are to everyone at Rays of Sunshine, from our wish families to the team in the office…… without further ado – let the celebration begin!


Katie began her Rays of Sunshine career as a Wish Granter, before moving into her current role as Wish Engagement Manager,  which sees her co-ordinating all of our wish days with our celebrity ambassadors, as well as organising treats and making sure that our wish children stay involved and always feel like part of the Rays of Sunshine family.

Katie is known in the office for her amazingly extensive knowledge of our past wishes, which must come in handy when she’s looking at which wish children to invite to various events and treats! This amazing memory, coupled with her friendly and welcoming nature, means that Katie is a firm favourite with our wish families (and in the office too)!

As well as being our walking wish-encyclopedia, Katie also keeps us entertained with the escapades of her own rays of sunshine (two cheeky little boys) and four lovely dogs!

We asked our CEO, Jane, to tell us a bit about Katie, her role at Rays of Sunshine and just why she’s so valuable to the charity:

“Katie has been an intrinsic part of the wish team for the last 10 years.  She’s actually known as my personal oracle!   I can ask her any wish over any time period and she will remember the name of the wish child, their illness and what part of the country they live in.  She is quite incredible and has built up some very strong relationships with our wish families over the years.  Now she looks after all our celebrity wishes and our children’s wish choir, as well as being in charge of our ‘treats programme’ that continues to offer sunshine to wish children and their families long after their wishes.”

This feedback from wish families demonstrates far better than we ever could just how much joy Katie brings to the lives of her wish children:



Sarah’s progression through the wish team means that she is the perfect person to manage and mentor the current Wish Granters in her role as Senior Wish Manager – she understands Rays of Sunshine wishes inside-out and can answer all of our questions, from the purely technical (what forms do we need for Florida?) to the slightly more bizarre (have we ever posted a giant unicorn to a hospital?). As a relative newbie to the world of wish granting, I have found that Sarah’s support and guidance have been (and still are) invaluable to me – and to all of the wish team! Her calm, sunny outlook and all-round general loveliness make Sarah a very popular member of the wish team!

Sarah is also our go-to person for everything related to our database, she played a major role in developing the newest version and is still answering all of our questions now (and fixing things when we inevitably get it wrong)!

As if all of this glowing feedback wasn’t proof enough of how loved Sarah is, we asked our CEO, Jane, exactly what makes Sarah such a special member of the team:

“Sarah has fulfilled more wishes for children than anyone else in the charity.  She’s brought so much sunshine into so many of our wish families lives, we have almost lost count.  But I’m sure Sarah hasn’t, every wish is so important to her and she puts her heart and soul into ensuring that each wish is bespoke and magical at a time when they really need it.  We are incredibly fortunate to have such loyal staff involved with our wish families, Sarah now manages a team of wish granters and has trained them to deliver the exceptional magical wishes that Sarah is renowned for.”

We clearly think Sarah’s amazing, but don’t just take our word for it on how great she is – take a look at this happiness-filled feedback from some of her wish families:


Wow, that’s a lot of lovely feedback for two very lovely team members!

Happy 10 Year Anniversary, ladies………. here’s to the next decade of fun, laughter, love and Sunshine!