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Abigail’s Wish

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Behind every wish there is a Wish Child, a family, a story and a journey, that as Wish Granters at Rays of Sunshine, we are lucky to be able to share with them. This was certainly the case when Abigail’s Wish arrived on my desk. As soon as I began reading I felt like I… Read more »

National Children’s Day 2017

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Sunday 14th May marked National Children’s Day in the UK and, naturally, that is a day that deserves to be celebrated on ‘Days @ Rays’, making this week’s theme an easy decision; the only difficulty was that, with all of the amazing children we know and work with, we were overwhelmed with choices for a… Read more »

Celebrating International Nurses Day

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Imagine having such an impact on a child that when they get the chance to name a penguin, out of all the names in the world, they choose yours! That’s what happened when Hafsa got the opportunity recently after her ice skating wish. She named a skating aid penguin after her favourite nurse, Noreen. Such… Read more »

Introducing the ‘Days @ Rays’ Blog

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Wish Granter? Or how we go about organising some of our most magical and sometimes unusual wishes? Or what happens at a Rays of Sunshine Hospital Activity Day? Or maybe you’d just like to know more about how much a wish means to a  child… Read more »