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This festive season, Rays of Sunshine is asking you to #BeMoreSanta and help us raise vital funds to grant magical wishes for seriously ill children.


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HOW you can #BeMoreSanta this Christmas:

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Use your Secret Santa to make a seriously ill child’s greatest wish come true by donating the £5 budget to Rays of Sunshine this Christmas

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Embrace your inner Santa and give a gift to your staff by raffling off perks or treats in return for donations for Rays of Sunshine and help grant a magical wish for a seriously ill child

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Thank you for signing up to #BeMoreSanta this festive season! For your SecretSanta or CEOSanta fundraising activity, you’ll need a fundraising page – which we can set up for you in three easy clicks. First, please enter your email address.
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• Go into your page (by clicking on the link above) and update it with information about your SecretSanta or CEOSanta activity
• Share it with your colleagues, business contacts or friends, asking them to take part or support you
• For more ideas and downloadable materials, click here

If you have any questions, email theo@raysofsunshine.org.uk or call 020 8782 1171.