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This month’s ‘wish spotlight’ focuses on one of our most creative types of wishes, bedroom makeovers!

Here at Rays of Sunshine we pride ourselves on personalising everything we do so that each wish is as unique and special as the child themselves. With this in mind, our bedroom makeovers are one of the best examples of a wish where the child gets to call all the shots!

At Rays of Sunshine, we know how important a child’s bedroom can be. Bedroom makeovers for us are about helping to create a safe place for the child, where they’re able to express themselves and have privacy when they need it. We always make sure that the bedroom is fit for any needs the child may have, but that they also reflect the child’s personality and sense of imagination.

With the help of our wish children (turned interior designers!) we’ve created bedrooms themed around everything from princesses to superheroes, TV shows to the wish child’s favourite colour! We’ve also done bedrooms themed around sensory equipment and more ‘grown-up’ bedrooms (for our more mature wish children!).

Below you can see a few of the examples of some of the bedroom makeover wishes we’ve granted over the years, and how we personalised each one to the child’s wants and needs.

Cassidy’s Fairy Bedroom

Cassidy wanted her bedroom to be fairy themed, so her wish granter Carly created a pink and blue fairy room just for her. Carly even made the room extra special by personalising the wall with Cassidy’s name!

Hollie’s Enchanted Forest Bedroom

Hollie wanted to feel as though she was sleeping in an enchanted forest, so her wish granter, Alice, arranged to have a magical forest mural painted on her wall. Hollie wanted a more grown-up feel to her room so a street art style was used by the wonderful AeroArts ( to create just the look Hollie was after!

Darcyana’s Princess Bedroom

Darcyana loves all the Disney princesses, and so wanted them all to appear in her bedroom. Her wish granter Jemma made this happen by arranging to have a mural painted on one of her walls. 3 year-old Darcyana also asked if she could have one of the princesses sat on the end of her bed, which you can see Jemma was able to incorporate into the mural design!

Georgi’s Pink Butterfly Bedroom

Georgi asked her wish granter Ginnie to build her bedroom around her favourite colour – pink! The makeover included brand new bunkbeds, butterfly wallpaper and plenty of storage for her DVD collection!

Harry’s Superhero Bedroom

Harry’s parents call him their little superhero, so naturally he wanted a superhero themed bedroom! This was one of the first bedroom makeover wishes I worked on, and in order to make sure Harry’s bedroom lasted him as long as possible, Harry wanted it to have a more ‘grown up’ feel to it, with ‘comic book’ colours and a city skyline wall sticker!

Paul’s Car Collection Bedroom

Paul is an avid collector of model cars, and so wanted his bedroom to incorporate a way to show them off! When designing his bedroom, his wish granter Katie made sure there was plenty of shelf space so he could put all his favourite cars on display.

Emma Jeremy, Wish Granter