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17 year old Brooke, from Healey, Rochdale who was diagnosed with a rare spinal tumour earlier this year, had her greatest wish to meet British icon, and footballing legend, David Beckham, thanks to Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity,

Brooke was diagnosed with an Ependymoma Tumour – a rare spinal tumour – in June this year.  Since then, the teen has endured major surgery, which involved having her spine broken and metal plates inserted. The teen also continues to have intensive physiotherapy and undergoes six-weekly radiotherapy.

Despite this, she is a very positive and talented young lady. Brooke managed to aid her recovery from her emergency spinal operation and subsequent intense radiotherapy by drawing. Her biggest passion is football, which she has loved since she was very young, and David Beckham is her hero.

In her Rays of Sunshine wish application, Brooke’s mum Lisa writes:  “David Beckham inspires so many people and if Brooke was to have the opportunity to meet him, he would give her even more confidence, encouragement and motivation to help her overcome her fears and worries. Spending time with David Beckham would be the ultimate dream come true and would help raise her spirits at such a difficult time.”

Rays of Sunshine was determined to make the Brooke’s dream become a reality. During the exclusive meeting, which took place in Manchester, Brooke got to meet her idol, chat to him, and show him her sketch of the star she had done whilst she had been ill. The teen then got to have some photos with the star, to capture the momentous occasion.

Lisa, Brooke’s mum, afterwards commented:

“We cannot put it into words how special the afternoon was, and what it has meant to us as a family. She spent many hours on her pencil portrait of David Beckham from her hospital bed, and never ever dreamed that she would eventually have the opportunity to show him personally, and even have him sign it! Rays of Sunshine’s vision to make a young person’s dream come true has definitely been achieved and will be a very special memory for Brooke forever! We can’t thank you all enough.”

Afterwards David commented on Instagram:

“Brooke you are so talented. If you haven’t seen what this girl can do with a sketchpad, you should check it out! Lovely to meet your mum and brothers. You are an amazing lady.”

Jane Sharpe, CEO of Rays of Sunshine, added:

“Everyone knows how busy David is, so we are so grateful to him for giving up his time to thankful to grant Brooke’s greatest wish. The impact meeting him has had on her and her family has been incredible and you only need to look at the smile on Brooke’s face to see what it meant to her.”