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Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity Grant Seven Year Old Boy’s Wish To Meet Superheroes 

Rays of Sunshine Children?s Charity have granted a very special wish for seven year old Jakub ? a brave little boy who is currently living with Juvenile Arthritis. His  wish was to meet Batman and Spiderman, together!The superheroes arrived in style, in a Lamborghini Batmobile, to surprise the seven year old at the London Designer Outlet and make his dream come true.

Batman and Spiderman united to make a seriously ill boy’s greatest wish come true, to meet his heroes, thanks to Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity.  Seven year old Jakub Wrona, from Leeds, is currently living with Juvenile Arthritis and his greatest wish was to meet the superheroes together.

The superheroes arrived in style, thanks to supporters H.R. Owen, in a Lamborghini Batmobile to meet the seven year old at the London Designer Outlet, Wembley Park, and made his dream come true. To Jakub’s, and the hereos’, surprise, Batman and Spiderman’s arch enemies, Venom and the Penguin, were waiting to steal the key to the Fun Fair taking place and hold it to ransom! Following a spectacular car chase, with the help of the local police, the ‘baddies’ were stopped in their tracks and taken away in the back of a ‘cop car’.

To top it all off, the Mayor of Brent came along to present the little boy with the key to the carnival and render it officially open to the general public.

Jane Sharpe, CEO of Rays of Sunshine, commented: “This was an incredibly special wish for Jakub. The entire community of Brent and Wembley came together to make sure it was as spectacular as it could have been. Thanks to the help of the London Designer Outlet for hosting the wish and H.R.Owen who supplied us with a first class Batmobile, as well as the local metropolitan police and fire station.

This year we hope to grant 800 wishes for seriously ill children, like Jakub, and we work hard to make sure each and every one is as special and unique as the child themselves.”