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Rays of Sunshine grant 18-year-old’s greatest wish to have first-hand experience within the film industry with help from Red Rock Entertainment


Jason Stewart meets director Paul Hyett at Glasgow Film Theatre Pic Peter Devlin
Jason Joins The Panel Of The Short Film Competition (left to right Gary Collins, Stephen Cookson, Jason, Linda Robson, Roger Morris)

An 18-year-old aspiring horror and sci-fi film maker, from Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire, had his greatest wish granted  when he got to join the judging panel of a short film competition and meet horror director Paul Hyett at Fright Fest in Glasgow, thanks to Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity,, Red Rock Entertainment Film Investment, based at the world famous Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, and Templeheart Films.


Jason, who was treated at Kings College Hospital, applied for a wish after enduring a liver transplant. He has a real passion for films and would like to eventually make his very own horror or sci-fi film. To make his dream become a reality, Red Rock Entertainment and Rays of Sunshine organised two very special days for him.

To start, Jason travelled to London to be a part of a very special Short Film Competition hosted by Red Rock Entertainment and the Century Club. The teen got to spend time chatting with film director Chelsea Grant, who had recently made her own short film, Titiro. During which, Chelsea chatted to Jason about what it was like to star, direct and produce her own film.

To top off an already exciting evening, Jason then got the chance to join the judging panel of film industry experts, which included Managing Director of Red Rock Entertainment; Gary Collins, award winning writer and director; Stephen Cookson, actress best known for her role in ‘Birds of A Feather’; Linda Robson, Director of the London Short Film Festival and shorts programmer for the BFI London Film Festival; Philip Ilson and Managing Director of Elstree Studios; Roger Morris. Jason got to see what life is really like for aspiring film makers, when he listened to each of the finalists pitch their short film ideas, before discussing the merits of each one and ultimately deciding a winner!

If that wasn’t enough, thanks to Templeheart Films, Jason then got exclusive access to the UKs largest International genre film festival showcasing the best horror, Sci-Fi and thriller films in Glasgow, where he got to meet esteemed horror director, Paul Hyett. Paul, who directed The Seasoning House and Howl, spent some time with Jason before premiering the trailer for his latest film Heretiks. The teen then got to enjoy watching one of the films showing at the festival.

Gillian, Jason’s mother, commented:

“We can’t thank Rays of Sunshine and Red Rock Entertainment enough. When we found out about Jason’s wish we were completely overwhelmed and it just kept getting better. Judging the short film competition was a real ‘money-can’t-buy experience for Jason and he really enjoyed meeting all of the experts too. Then to top it all off, we got to go to Fright Fest in Glasgow and meet director Paul Hyett! Jason’s wish has been an incredible experience.” 

Jason added:

“I would like to thank Paul Hyett for chatting with me about his career and movies for my wish.” 

Jason’s wish was made possible thanks to Rays of Sunshine’s corporate partners, Red Rock Entertainment, a film investment company, based at the world famous Elstree Studios in Borehamwood.  Red Rock Entertainment supports Rays of Sunshine by sponsoring wishes and enabling our wish children to take part in some exclusive behind the scenes experiences within the film industry.