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Rays of Sunshine and Royal Mail fulfils Epsom child’s dream to be a Postman for the day


A six year old boy from Epsom, who is currently living with a rare type of cancer, got to be a real-life Postman Pat for the day at Ashtead’s Royal Mail Office. Lewis had an exclusive behind the scenes experience, spending the day as an honorary Postman, thanks to Rays of Sunshine – a children’s charity that grants wishes for seriously ill children, and the Royal Mail.

Lewis was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma earlier this year. Since then, the six year old has had to endure intensive rounds of chemotherapy and has spent most of his time in hospital for treatment. Despite this, Lewis is a very positive young boy, who is ‘always laughing, incredibly enthusiastic and energetic’.

Upon arrival to the Ashtead Sorting Office, Lewis was given a VIP welcome, being presented with his very own Royal Mail uniform as well as a range of generous gifts, all organised by the staff. The six year old then spent time with Ashtead’s infamous Postman, Spike, sorting mail before heading out on a delivery. Whilst helping deliver post to Ashtead High Street, Lewis got to experience just what daily-life is like as a Postman, including dodging dogs and delivering packages! To top off an already jam-packed exciting morning, the six year old then got to go out in a Royal Mail van to empty the post boxes in the local area.

Jenny, Lewis’ mum, commented:

Lewis really had such a great time, and now not only wants to be a postman! He wore his uniform and name badge today so he could collect a parcel in Epsom and got to go behind to pick it up – I think he really believes he is a Royal Mail employee now! Thank you to Rays of Sunshine and the Royal Mail for organising such a brilliant experience for him.”