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It’s really no surprise that when some of our wish children come to dreaming up their perfect wishes, a large proportion opt for a shiny new Apple gadget or experience day.

Some choose to ask for a MacBook to do their homework on, while others hone their creative talents using an iPad Pro.

Whatever their choice of product, we are lucky enough to have a fantastic relationship with the guys at Apple HQ and they always pull out all the stops to provide the latest tech and memorable experiences!

Take a read about some of the great wishes that we have been able to do with a big helping hand from our friends at Apple.

Oliva, 14, wished for a MacBook Pro but what she didn’t know was that we had gone one step further and organised a whole day for her and her family.

Her day started the way all special days should, with a Limo ride from her home straight to the Apple Store.

After she arrived, she got an exclusive one-on-one training lesson on her new laptop before being surprised with a sketched picture of herself drawn on an iPad by a talented artist.

They even made sure, Amira, her sister got a special gift too on their great day out.

Afterwards, Olivia’s Mum, Ranya said, “From the minute we got picked up by the limo she felt like VIP.

“When we arrived at the Apple Store they were just the nicest people ever and although Olivia can be very shy they made her feel very comfortable.

“I cannot thank Apple enough for making Olivia’s day the best! As well as making Olivia happy, they also surprised Amira with a gift, which again was just so special.

Another young girl who had a fabulous Apple-themed day was eight-year-old, Tallulah. Her wish was for an iPad Pro but just like Oliva, she got a lot more than she bargained for!

She too got the full experience with a limo ride door-to-door and was given a special goodbye from all the staff.

“On our departure from the Apple Store, the whole team lined the stairs and clapped Tallulah down. (I was a bit overwhelmed and in tears at this point.)

“The team were lovely and friendly and made us all, especially Tallulah, feel special,” said Tallulah’s Mum.

15-year-old Ben, wished for his very own MacBook to do his school work on and pursue his newly-found passion for photography.  He also got a VIP day at the Apple Store in Plymouth.

The staff presented him with his brand-new laptop before showing him how to use it and giving him some extra tips and tricks.

Ben reported back after his wish, “My Mac Book is everything I could have wished for and more. It will help me so much with my school work and especially the photography course that I’ve just signed up for.

“It has to be the best day of my life ever and it’s all thanks to you for making it so special.”